Unless you happen to be a squirrel or a robin, CHEERIUP Thickets™ are not designed for climbing, pulling, or hanging heavy objects from. The play hooks and/or other embellishments are designed for lightweight play only. That said, Thickets are pretty sturdy and tough overall. Your Thicket deserves to be handled with care and respect, but if an occasional stick accidentally breaks or is removed, it's unlikely it will compromise the structural integrity of the entire Thicket. You need only be concerned if one of the larger, upright sticks breaks. And in most cases, this can be repaired. You can always contact me right away if you have any questions or concerns about the wear of your Thicket.

Like any structural dwelling, your CHEERIUP Thicket may slightly shift and move while it settles into it's new environment over the first year. Rarely, this settling will require a little extra TLC from me. Thus, a one-year maintenance check-up is included for all CHEERIUP Thickets. {MN Thicket check-ups include a site visit. Out of state check-ups will occur via phone, email, and/or video chat. Any repair weaving (very rare) will then be arranged.} And you can always contact me right away, at any time during the life of your Thicket, if you have any questions or concerns about your Thicket.

WEATHER PROOFING First and foremost, any automatic irrigation must be redirected away from your Outdoor Thicket. To ensure the ultimate protection of the willow from the outdoor elements, I recommend applying a generous spray coat or brushing of a waterproofing sealer. It's fairly easy to do. I'm happy to do this for my local clients for a small fee, or I'm also happy to provide a labor time estimate to my clients elsewhere who'd prefer to hire someone locally. It's crucial your willow wood has enough time to completely dry out before being sealed, so please follow my timing recommendations on when to seal your individual Thicket. 

For those who'd like to compost their Thicket once done enjoying it: I recommend pure, unadulterated linseed oil treatment to your Thicket during the warm months of the first year, then again biannually. (Sometimes available at local hardware stores or lumber yards, but I love Allback Purified Organic Lindseed Oil for it's purity and safety.) 

For those who live in harsh climates and/or who do not plan to compost their Thicket once done enjoying it: I recommend using Eco-Tuff™ High Traffic Flex Clear Wood Finish and following their application instructions.

Once sealed, your Thickets will be ready to happily weather even the harshest elements for years to come. They are from Minnesota, after all.